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Antelope Canyon – Page, Arizona

In the words of Wikipedia, Antelope Canyon is the most-visited and most-photographed slot canyon in the American Southwest. On a recent trip to Arizona, Utah, ending in Las Vegas, I passed through Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon is located very close to this small town. Since the Canyon is located on...

Canceled My E-P1 3

Canceled My E-P1

Well dear folks, I went ahead and did it. I canceled the order for my Olympus E-P1. But how did I get to this situation? Some of you might have read my buoyant impressions of the E-P1 a.k.a. Digital Pen. In that article, my end conclusion was that although this...

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Chicago’s Belmont Harbor

Well, here I am back after a very long time during which I engaged in a multitude of pleasant activities. Photography unfortunately took to the sidelines but it still remains one of my main hobbies. Here are three photos that I took a while back (in fact I wanted to...